With the Visual Impact Testing application you acquire strong economic indicators to make well-validated choices between (packaging) design options and to identify opportunities for improvements. At each stage of the design process and with a high degree of accuracy.

Visual Impact Testing

  • Determine the economic impact of design options (pack, advertisement, objects, billboards, logos) before market launch!

  • Get well validated arguments to choose the best-selling design option.

  • Explore options for improvement that effectively lead to greater economic impact of design option.

  • Examine brand fit and price elasticity of packaging design options to optimize market performance!

  • Find out which design option is best to decrease the customer share of the competitors!

Research dashbord

  • User-friendly research dashboard to analyze your reseach results. Determine the best-selling design options (pack, advertisement, objects, billboards, logos) and visualize effective improvements at a glance.

  • Proven track record of 3.500 studies.

  • Easy-to-use DIY research application, with the option of on- and offline support by highly-skilled design research professionals.

  • You can start a well-validated, highly-predictive packaging research with an attractive budget yourself within 5 minutes and get meaningful, directly usable reports within 1 - 3 days.