Visual Impact Testing predicts market share before launch

With the Visual Impact Testing you discover the extent to which a design of a packaging or any means of communication will contribute to the results of marketing efforts. The more the visual value of a design plays a key role in the decision process of a consumer, the more the study will result in an accurate prediction of that impact with a meaningful and powerful figure: share of preference or even market share. With the online VIT research application you acquire strong economic indicators to make well-validated choices between packaging design options and to identify opportunities for improvements. At each stage of the design process and with a high degree of accuracy.

Follow the unconsious decision process behind buying

VIT methodology follows the way a consumer decides

Visual Impact Testing simulates the consideration process of a consumer that encourages him to purchase a product or service. The methodology is based on a small, specific set of three valuation questions and algorithm that determines a level of attachment of a packaging to a consumer. The analytic core behind the methodology:

  1. Holistic point of view. The strength of a design is examined via a holistic approach. This approach considers a design as a physical enitity with all kind of attribute and considerations around it: physicals, attributes, consumer's mind and attitudes. For every individual consumer, these elements differ and are part of the way the individual experiences an object.

  2. Simulation of consumers' mind when considering. A consumer always considers his purchase options from three different unconsious operating perspectives: APPEAL, SUIT, RANK. The APPEAL level is about appeal and awareness. The SUITABILITY level is about usefulness and suitability. The RANK level reflects an evoked set: preference.

  3. Simulation within a market. A consumer always considers his purchase options within a market perspective. (New) design options (and its attributes and effects on attitudes) are unconsiously compared to those of existing competitors.

The VIT score
Visual Impact Testing recalculates the APPEAL, SUIT and RANK scores into a fourth score: the VIT score. This score reflects the extent to which an individual consumer will be attached to a product with a specific packaging in a given market. With these attachment scores the potential economic impact scores of each design option and the competition are calculated.

The VIT Elements scores
With a number of specific in-depth questions, Visual Impact Testing values of packaging, price perception and brand fit. Valuations are related to the VIT scores. This reflection indicates opportunities for improvement and predicts the extent to which an improvement can lead to a higher economic impact of a packaging option.

The Neural Beam Connection

Visual Impact Testing can be automatically integrated into The Neural Beam Viewer. In this way, economic impact is related to attention value and visibility.

Our offer
  • License to use the Visual Impact Methodology

  • Option to integrate into The Neural Beam Viewer

  • Automated dashboard to analyze and visualize the research results

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