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Create your digital retail environment in 3D and VR for research purposes

VirtualRetailed is an electronic VR research application that can build, present and research any retail environment in virtual reality and 3D for research purposes. In this electronic environment, the consumer can move fully interactively, both linear and dynamic, through a store or any other commercial environment. Research techniques such as questionnaire software, eye tracking, the Neural Beam can be linked directly and in real time.

Bring a retail research environment to life
  • Plug-and-play VR and 3D software research packages for research companies, retailers and fast movers.

  • Fully customized dynamic and interactive virtual environments for research and test purposes with online and offline formats

  • Unique analysis dashboard with dynamic 3D heatmaps and scan path visualisations

  • Consultancy on hardware and software for VR solutions as well as on research concepts with eye-tracking and bio- en neuro-metric research

Innovative software for visualization and simulation

A special visualization and simulation tool for research purposes

Get a well manageable research environment
  • Direct experiences and insights. You can instantly experiment and test alternatives to product offerings, packaging, shelf and retail layouts or POS material and other communication elements, while they are present in their commercial environment.

  • Operational effectiveness. VirtualRetailed enables you to perform highly efficient, cost-effective and fully-managed shopper research, with and without integrated bio and neurometrics.

  • Strong explanatory new analytics. Eye tracking with VirtualRetailed accurately associates the Neural Beam research or eye tracking results to the exact position and activity data of the respondent and all visible objects in the environment.