Ab Kragtwijk

The rise of the internet: the consumer starts to rule

With the rise of the internet, the 90s of the last century were extremely exciting.  From the early nineties of the last century, my publishing company Small Business Publishing, as initiator and innovator, has been one of the first content-based internet service since the introduction of the world wide web. We put the consumer in the lead!

The shift from product orientation to consumer orientation

The first years of this century Internet enabled to replace product orientation with consumer orientation. My research company 121facts used internet technology to automatically convert customer's acquired knowledge into products and services tailored to customer needs and demands.

The knowledge of the needs of customers to forecast their behavior

In the years that followed, knowledge obtained with the internet technology from customer profiles and customer and market research could be converted into market forecasting models and into 1-2-1 communication.

Shaping and causing future behavior

In the last 3 years the application range of technology has accelerated enormously. Databases dictate consumer thinking, virtual reality enables us to simulate and create the world for the consumers and with eye tracking and EEG we can monitor, explain, predict tand transform heir behavior in detail.

I give shape to this development with my development companies VR3-Environments, Visual Impact Testing and 121facts