Create an exact functioning digital twin of your complex industrial systems

With PREspective you create a digital twin of complex industrial systems (machines), with which you can simulate and visualize the operation of your system in a virtual setting in an extremely precise manner. You can use it to test the operation virtually to the exact detail and experience it as if it were the actual existing system. Before it even (partially) exists, without having to build a complex, expensive test environment, for test purposes or demonstrations.

PREspective uses your own system design information as input for its software and links it to relevant generic mechanics laws. Information from your CAD design, PLCs, model drive software and dynamic data feed is used. PREspective automatically converts this information into an identical digital twin of your existing or intended machine. It uses virtual, augmented and mixed reality and / or 3D techniques to visualize your machine system in detail and to enable you simulation of its operation completely dynamically in an exact way.

Bring your machinery to life before it is built

Innovative software for visualization and simulation

Optimize your development, maintenance and sales process

A special visualization and simulation tool for the entire company

With PREspective a system architect develops, tests and iterates quickly on the system design without hardware costs. A 3D CAD engineer breathes life into a static 3D model of the system and a software engineer tests the software on the system, before the system is built. The marketing and sales professional shows, sells and tries out the system with the client. This client will be able to use his machinery earlier, better and cheaper. It will bring him first time right development, predictive use and maintenance options, precise total costs of ownership (TCO) and time to market.

PREspective works with 5 easy steps: upload CAD, define components, define behaviour, connect dynamic data and test and validate the digital twin.