Eye tracking and visual impact analysis in one application and methodology

With the patented Neural Beam Viewer®, you examine the way in which the consumer actually sees a (new) design of a packaging, commercial or advertisement and you examine the attention value of that design. You then determine how and to what extent this visibility and the substantive perception of that design lead to actual (purchasing) behavior. Ideally, you even predict potential market share through the new design preceding the market introduction. The Neural Beam Viewer also provides you with concrete tools to adjust the physical appearance of a design in such a way that it positively influences the conscious and subconscious behavior of a consumer and, for example, increases the willingness to purchase your offer.

Measuring what a consumer sees with what intensity

Powerfully validated, cost-efficient alternative to eye tracking

At any given moment the eyes only see reality for 2% sharply. The rest is perceived blurry. By rapidly shifting the pupils, eyes build up an overall view of reality. This foveal shift can be compared with the movement of a spotlight. However, the process of the eyes is managed by the brains. The brains also can only experience a very limited part of reality at the same moment. That brain function can be compared with a spotlight too: the neural spotlight. The Neural Beam Viewer* uses this principle of a spotlight and projects the operation on a computer or mobile screen of the respondent. The movement of the pupil is replaced by the movement of a finger on the screen. The Neural Beam Viewer registers the orientation process and translates this into key figures for the duration, intensity and sequence of the observation.

Know how a consumer acts with his perception

Integrated translation of visual values into economic impact

We integrated a special analysis methodology into the Neural Beam Viewer: Visual Impact Testing. This validated measurement application allows a respondent to value a design of a packaging, communication or commercial in a special way and, from those scores, calculates the level of attachment of a product with the individual consumer through the operation of a design. This attachment score is then recalculated to Share of Preference and even to market share: the VIT Score. This VIT Score is then related to physical characteristics of a design, applied marketing attributes and individual attitudes of a consumer: the VIT Elements Scores.

Measuring and knowing analyzed directly made transparent

Results presented with clear, directly applicable recommendations

From the total of VIT scores and observation scores, an accurate and valid view on visibility, willingness to purchase and improvement opportunities is created. This is visualized with directly readable heatmaps, gaze paths, charts and benchmarks regarding how and with what intensity (duration and coverage) your product or communication is seen. This is linked to an accurate estimate of the willingness to purchase the product by the consumer, placed in relation to that of the competition. With these results you can determine which improvement options are really relevant and useful.

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Easy to implement, immediately usable result

Within one day the fieldwork is active, within a day the results in house

A study with the Neural Beam Viewer can be started within one day. The next day you can already have the results on your desk. The Neural Beam Viewer needs only good visual material of your packaging options or communications and of the competition. Plus a short description of the most important usage characteristics and the target group. You can carry out the analysis yourself in a simple manner, but where required, an international team of research professionals is ready to assist you.

  • License to use the Neural Beam Viewer

  • Automated dashboard

    • Creation and management studies

    • Manage fieldwork

    • Analyze and visualize the research results

    • Download heatmaps, gaze paths, benchmarks

  • Online helpdesk

  • Option to outsource analysis

  • White label

Our offer

Advantages Neurel Beam viewer

  • No need for ...

    • ... disruptive equipment like HMD’s

    • ... hard to calibrate eye trackers

    • ... unreliable webcams used as eye tracker

  • No feelings being observed by a camera

  • Online use

  • For quantitative analysis and qualitative observations

  • Easy to use research dashboard in the cloud:

    • Create a study in minutes

    • Acquire panel in an instant

    • Realize direct useable insights with heatmaps, gaze paths and charts

  • More than measurement of attention:

    • From visual values to attachment scores

    • From attachment scores to economic impact

    • Attention linked to economic impact

    • Direct insight on options for improvements

  • Fully validated and patented

  • Several white labeled options

  • Low costs, hight performance

* The Neural Beam Viewer and the underlying methodology and technique are both officially registered trademarks. Methodology and analysis technique were patented in 2009 with worldwide coverage. The Neural Beam Viewer is technically and methodologically fully validated (Posner, Snyder, & Davidson, 1980, Fernandez-Duque & Johnson, 1999 and Berger, Wager, Psychology & marketing, 2012).

* The Neural Beam Viewer has a history of many thousands of communication, shopper and product and market studies. It does not need head mounted displays, webcams (webcam eye tracking) or other physical eye registration equipment. Only the availability of the screen of a desktop, tablet or mobile is necessary. Research with The Neural Beam Viewer is carried out completely online and .can be used in research where the mobile phone is used. As an analytical tool, it combines the power of both qualitative (analysis by observation) and quantitative (statistical analysis), while the low-threshold, online applicability can lead to enormous cost advantages.