VR3D Environments

Genereer een onderzoekomgeving in 3D en VR

Generate research environment in 3d or VR

The VR3D Environments application is an electronic VR presentation and research suite that can build, present and research any retail environment in virtual reality and 3D. In this electronic environment, the consumer can move fully interactively, both linear and dynamic, through a store or any other commercial environment. Research techniques such as eye tracking and EEG are linked directly, interactively and in real time.

The VR3D research application can be directly linked to the JDA planning software and seamlessly converts planograms into 3D or immersive VR visualization for research purposes.
The software suite comes with a powerful online analysis platform. This innovative analysis tool enables the user to relate all research data and environmental data to each other and to analyze and visualize them from different perspectives in a very dynamic way.


The VR3D software is offered as a white labelled online research and analysis application with an innovative analysis dashboard.