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The Neureal Beam

With this patented and well-validated research alternative for regular eye tracking you determine the way a consumer actually perceives an object of communication. >> more

Research & validation services

With a team of 50 scientifically trained specialists, we provide support in realizing your market research, market, target group and product validation and strategic marketing plans.


With VirtualRetailed you create interactive dynamic (retail) environments in virtual reality and 3D for research purposes. >> more

Visual Impact Testing

With the Visual Impact Testing application you acquire strong economic indicators to make well-validated choices between packaging design options and to identify opportunities for improvements. >> more

Global Consumer Panel

With over 50 million people reached globally in more than 30 countries, we offer access to high-quality, well validated B2C research panels for online research.


PREspective enables you to simulate your industrial system in an interactive and dynamic virtual setting. >> more

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