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the online alternative for traditional eye tracking

The Neural Beam Viewer is a fully validated, both scientifically and empirically, research alternative for traditional eye tracking. The online research application offers even better, more reliable research results and it provides powerful insights into the conscious and unconscious behavior of a consumer.


predicts marketshare of design options before launch

With the online Visual Impact Testing you acquire strong economic indicators to make well-validated choices between packaging design options and to identify opportunities for improvements. At each stage of the design process and with a high degree of accuracy.


research in 3D or VR retail environments

With VirtualRetailed you create interactive dynamic (retail) environments in virtual reality and 3D for research purposes. Research techniques such as eye tracking, Neural Beam Viewer and  EEG can be linked directly. Your can use a VR or 3D environment online and offline.


experience and develope your machinery in VR and 3D  with a digital twin

PREspective enables you to simulate your industrial system in an interactive and dynamic virtual setting. It creates a digital twin that functions in exact the same way as the actual system. With PREspective you can test and demonstrate new innovations of your machinery before it is built in reality.


Get access to more than 20 million consumers worldwide

With over 50 million people reached globally in more than 30 countries, we offer access to high-quality, well validated B2C research panels for online research. Our panelists are well selected and managed. We enable you to select deeply on a broad spectrum of socio- and demographic characteristics.